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By using this web-site you must agree to Kickzrock Inc. also known as Kickzrock.com Terms and Conditions. By using this website, you must agree to ALL terms to fully use this site. Anything short of full compliance is completely against our terms of use. Using our service as well as this web-site should be for those who accept the terms of use and any conditions that follow. If you can not agree to the terms that proceed this paragraph you should not engage with this website and should not use the services related to this website. Any use of this website must be solely for persons that fully acknowledge these terms and hereby agree to follow them completely. The conditions laid out must be followed always and no customer or person has the right to deviate from the terms listed.

Any use of this website by any person(s) will be a full acknowledgement and agreeance of the terms as laid out. Terms are not subject for dispute at any time by any person. Any purchases or any sort of correspondence with this web-site will be under these direct terms and are at no time subject to change without the consent of Kickzrock.com. All changes made to these terms may or may not come with formal warning and are hereby controlled by Kickzrock.com or any of its service providers. Service providers may request change in our terms and conditions without written consent to users on this site at any time they seem fit. Kickzrock.com itself reserves the right to not express whether changes were made at the request of service providers or by Kickzrock.com itself. If changes are made the customer is not entitled to make changes to the format set. At no time will service or service requirements change due to customer interference.


All the items sold on this site are bought from “outside” sources. Kickzrock.com does not claim to have a contract or deal with any of the brands that they sell or write about. All products are bought from reputable authorized dealers and sold at a price we deem fit. In no way is this website affiliated with any retailers nor do we possess a contract or have a deal in place with them. Our prices are set a level that we see as competitive while profitable. Our prices are in no way a reflection of other websites prices. We reserve the right to change prices whenever we deem fit. Any price change is determined by Kickzrock.com and management solely. Price changes may occur without warning at any time Kickzrock.com decides a price change must be made.


Because people still make fake shoes as hard as that may seem, Kickzrock.com has the right to refuse any return if said return does not appear to be the sneaker initially mailed to the customer. We pride ourselves on AUTHENTIC, NEW, UN-WORN sneakers, we do not sell or associate with fake, b-grade, or factory variant sneakers! With that being said, we take pride in the art of selling 100% Authentic top-quality sneakers so in no terms will we knowingly take a return on a sneaker that is not in the condition we mailed it in. The item must be returned within 10 days (not including Sundays or holidays) upon arrival which we verify from the UPS tracking number. Sneakers must be in brand new condition (no exceptions). Sneakers must come in the original box that matches the item. All laces, insoles, straps, hang tags, etc. must be included. Customer assumes all responsibility with shipping cost and items lost in the mail, Kickzrock.com does not reimburse shipping fees as part of the return. There is a 5% re-stocking fee for all returns/exchanges. Kickzrock.com does not trade or buy sneakers, we only sell them.

Images and Graphics used on this site

All pictures, literature, and graphics used on Kickzrock.com is property of Kickzrock.com unless otherwise stated. All pictures, literature, and graphics on Kickzrock.com are taken and produced by Kickzrock.com. The pictures, literature, and graphics on this website can only be used with permission from Kickzrock.com. Any use of the pictures, literature, or graphics found on this site without permission could result in a lawsuit.


Orders are generally shipped with-in 24 hours (pending holidays, weekends, post office closure). Orders should be placed using matching billing and shipping address. Failure to provide the proper information can result in a delay in shipment.

All domestic and foreign shipping to customers is done through the United Parcel Service. UPS works best for our company as well as our customers. Any purchase made on this site will be delivered via UPS . The tracking number(s) will be emailed to the customer and will serve as our confirmation for when the package(s) has arrived at its desired destination. We will only ship packages to the address listed in your order which should be the same exact address used as your billing address, any deviation from this process could result in a cancelled transaction. We will not ship packages to gift addresses under any circumstance. Shipping charges can sometimes change, updates may be made periodically to reflect these changes.

Product Warranty

Kickzrock.com does not include itself in the manufacturing of the products pictured on this website whether for sale or just as reference on this website. Kickzrock.com is not around any item on its website at the time it is constructed and will not assume any responsibility for any material used in the production of any of the products sold on this website, however we do have a process for going over all of products and inspecting every items quality, from the durability of the laces down to type of paint used on the sole of a sneaker. Kickzrock.com does not currently offer any sort of warranty to any product sold on this website. If a product is found to be defective and we believe it is on our behalf and we decide to assume partial or full responsibility it is up to Kickzrock.com to offer a responsible and reasonable solution for all parties involved. Some sneakers found on this website may be older then three years from the manufacturing date and may come with no manufacturer warranty at the time of purchase and may not be suitable for anything other then recreational wear. Kickzrock.com does not assume any responsibility on sneakers bought 3 years after the production date. If the customer is unaware of the production date of a sneaker they are always welcome to write an email asking the production date and style number of the sneaker as well as other needed information on the sneaker to customerservice@kickzrock.com.

Any issues or errors made in the statements above are subject to change at any time without warning. Any problems or situations can still be resolved with proper time and notice. This is not a promise to resolve or fix all problems that could possibly arise while using this website, but it is a chance to fix potential problems whether small or large if the customer acts in good faith and provides a written account of the problem and how it can be solved in their favor. No guarantees are made at any time and any customer must know the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Kickzrock.com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not following the terms and conditions as listed. Any questions that may have not been answered may be found in our Privacy Policy located at the top of this website. If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions of this website, please feel free to email us at customerservice@kickzrock.com .

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